SL Director’s Viewfinder 2.0 released!

Its been a while since I’ve had a chance to update my apps.  Thankfully I’ve been working, so much so, that I had to stop developing my apps.  Now that I’ve finished my current projects I’m back to updating all my apps and hopefully finish some new ones.  One of the benefits of staying away from writing my apps has been that now I’m a more experienced programmer and I can look at my coding with a fresh set of eyes.  I’ve seen places where I can improve my code so I’ve start the rewriting process.

This new version of the viewfinder app includes support for the Lumix GH2.  I’ve also added new aspect ratios to some existing cameras as requested by my users.  I’ve improved the speed that photos are saved by turning off the preview.  This seemed to speed up the save process considerably.  Photos taken with the app are now larger and have the date and time added to the image.  Photos are now saved to a folder called SL_DVF on the SD card.  I am adding the images to the Gallery app more efficiently.  I’ve added more error checking to help avoid crashes.  If you experience any issues, please let me know.


Where I’m at so far…

Hello everyone out there that takes the time to read my blog.  Its been a while since I posted here.  Thankfully its because I’ve been getitng busier with my day job as a Visual Effects Supervisor.  I’m noticing an uptick in people having issues with some of my apps because they are running on newer hardware.  My goal is to have  the best apps of their kind on Android, so I’m in the process of doing a major rewrite of all my production apps to hopefully make them as future-proof as possible.

I will begin this process after I release my next app, SL SunTracker.  This app is intended for anyone intersted in knowing the position of the sun at any time, on any day.  The app reports back sun rise and setset times, solar noon, shadow ratio.  If there is anything else that you feel you’ll need let me know so I can try to include it in the next release.

A LOT of people have been asking for the ability to use timecode on their devices.  I’ve been loaned the equipment to test our tc code and its been a slow process but we are making headway.  I can’t give you any timeline yet, and we’ll be needed volunteers to help make sure it works.  I will be posting our progress as we get further along.

Thanks again to everyone that has purchased my apps.  The film industry has been very slow for me lately and the sales of my apps has been the only thing to put food on my table.  Your words of encourage and good will have made these last few months have helped in so many ways.


Stephen Lebed


Looking for Investors and Corporate Sponsors

I’m happy to say that the production apps I’ve written seem to be getting a lot of use around the world.  The emails I’ve been getting from everyone has been fantastic.  Please, if your using my apps in production, send me a picture, or just email me.  Its very rewarding to me.

I’m looking to take my future apps to the next level and thats going to take a capital investment in order to hire the people I will need.   If your an investor interested in getting into the apps market, please consider contacting me at slebed @ mechnology  .com

If your a company looking to extend your brand into the Android market, please contact me at srlebed @ gmail  .com


SL DigiSlate 2.8 update

Hi All,

I’ve released an update to my SL DigiSlate app.  This is a small update but a big one for me.  I’ve added support for Android Honeycomb, so now the app works on the Motorola Xoom!  I also fixed a crash that happens when you enter notes into the shot list.  I’ve redone some of the graphics so they will look better on larger tablet screens, and found a few things i could optimize in my code to make it a bit more efficient.


SL Director’s Viewfinder 1.5 released

Hello Fellow Android Filmmakers!

I’ve just released the newest version of SL Director’s Viewfinder.  I’ve optimized some of the code to run faster, and increased the resolution of the preview.  This should help when viewing long lenses that tend to get very pixelated.  The view will still be pixely (?), but hopefully a wee bit more identifiable.

Another new feature by request is a toggle to switch viewing modes.  The normal operation is “Zoomed In” mode.  This tries to emulate a given lens by zooming in on the camera preview.  The new “Inset” mode keeps the preview at full size and displays a rectangle showing the lenses coverage.

Last but not least I’ve added support for Four Thirds format as requested from another user.  I hope this will be helpful.

Thanks for everyone who has purchased this app.  Its done better than I ever expected.  I’m still working on adding the ability to take pictures using the selected lens and format, so keep an eye out for that.


Stephen Lebed


SL Director’s Viewfinder v1.4

Hi All,

The newest version of my viewfinder app has just been released.  This latest edition will hopefully fix issues some people were having with the Samsung Tab.  I’ve added support for Techniscope and the Red Epic.  I’ve also tried to address the issue of slow frame rates on older devices.  If this release continues without any problems, them I’m going to move forward with adding the ability to take snapshots of your frames with all the relevant information added to the image.

As always, my apps are a work in progress.  If there is a format you would like me to add, or an aspect you need me to support, please let me know here.


SL Director’s Viewfinder 1.2 update

I’ve updated the viewfinder app to version 1.2

In this version I’ve hopefully addressed some issues tablet users were facing.  I’m not sure if it solves an issue with the HTC Desire.  I don’t have access to one to check.  If you own the Desire and are willing to test this for me, please let me know.

By request I’ve added 2 perf Techniscope format to the available list of formats.  Also it was requested that I filter the aspect ratios available based on the chosen format.  This took a bit of work, but not I have a way to customize exactly the proper aspect ratios to each format.  If there is an aspect that you need, please let me know.

I’m still experimenting with improvements to the previewing code.  I’m currently testing on my own T-Mobile G2 phone, which is giving me 10-12 frames per second.  Unfortunately the Motorola Droid has a slower processor and can only handle 3-4 frames per second.  Its not great, but still usable.  Hopefully I’ll be able to increase the frame rate with more research.

This app is a constant work in progress.  Hopefully the more feedback I get from users, the better this app can be.


SL Director’s Viewfinder

I proud to announce the release of my new film production tool for Android, SL Director’s Viewfinder.  Its taken over eight months of work to finally get this version to the market.  This is the first and only app of its kind for Android, and I wrote it with independent filmmakers in mind.  Now a director or cinematographer can carry their viewfinder with them all the time.
Like a traditional viewfinder, this app simulates various cameras, formats and lenses.  In order to support lenses wider than your device can display, the preview is shrunk in relation to the size of the actual lens. You can use this to gauge the extents of the frame.

Currently this app supports lens sizes from 6mm to 200mm, most aspect ratio formats, and the following cameras:

35mm Film
35mm Still
Super 35
Super 16
Red One
Canon 5D
Canon 7D
Sony 2/3″ chip cameras
Standard DV 1/3″ chip cameras

I can add support for any camera, formats, or lenses. Just send me an email with your request.


THAAD – A Missile Command-inspired Android Game

I just finished my first publicly release game.  It called THAAD which stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense.  Its named after an actual missile defense system currently in use.  My game is inspired by the arcade classic Missile Command.  You can find it in the android market.  I hope you’ll give it a shot.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the game.  To play, simple tap the screen where you want your missiles to hit.  Try to lead the enemy missiles so your exploding missiles will take them out!


Sl DigiSlate on a tablet!

I’ve been hoping that the people who have been using my apps would send me pictures and Don Youngs has come through for me.  He has sent me a few pictures of SL DigiSlate running on a Huawei S7 wifi tablet!  Click on the pictures to see them full size.

And here is a picture showing the difference between the Huawei S7 wifi tablet and an iPhone.

A very warm thanks to Don Youngs for sending me these photos and allowing me to show them in this blog.

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