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SL Digislate main screenshot

SL Digislate main screen

I wrote this app at the request of someone using my other app, “On the Level 3″. I know that there are several film slate applications available on the Apple App Store, but it looked like no one has written one for the Android Market. I looked at what the app store versions had to offer and set out to craft my own version with an eye towards a person using this in an actual film production. I made sure that this app would be just as functional and easy to use as a real slate.  If you are looking for instructions on how to use SL DigiSlate, go here.

Please note: This app is specifically designed for use by film and television camera assistants. If you don’t understand what the different settings are, please do not ask me to explain them to you. There is plenty of information on the internet.

Important: An app like this is a constant work in progress. As you think of features or additions, please let me know so I can try to incorporate them.

I hope that as people use this app, they will let me know what features they would like me to include in future updates.

By popular demand I’ve added a shot logging feature! This took a lot longer to implement than I originally thought it would. Again, I wanted to keep it as simple and functional as I can. You can scroll both horzontally and vertically through the list (a pain in the butt process from a UI programming perspective!), edit individual shots in the list, backup and restore your information, and email your shot log.

Someone had asked me to add a feature where the timecode display would continue running even after the clapper is closed. This option can be found in the SETTINGS MENU.

I also added support for tablets, so I’m really interested in hearing how this works for everyone.

I also noted that one of the apps in the App Store had a color bars setting. This is something that I would have loved to include, but due to the fact that this app can run on a variety of phones and devices, all with unique and differing displays, it didn’t seem practical. In fact using color bars from a phone would most likely result in strange color shifts when your project is color corrected using those color bars as a reference.

As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Stephen Lebed
Visual Effects Supervisor/Developer

Version History:
v2.5 - Added multi choices for the clapper sound.  Media volume is automatically set to full volume when app is running and is restored to previous volume on exiting app.
Added option to invert slate colors for dark shooting situations.
Added production title and current date to subject line in email.
Added auto increment to take number when clapper is reset.
Added a 5 second countdown timer before the clapper is triggered.

Thanks to everyone who sent me suggestion for this release!

v2.1 – Added louder clapper sound file.
v2.0 – Added shot logging, support for Android tablets like the Dell Streak, and the ability to have the clock continue running when the clapper is down.
v1.2 – Added Series label option to Take.
v1.1 – Added reset buttons for Roll, Scene, and Take (Thanks for the suggestion Freddie!)
v1.0 – Initial release
IMPORTANT NEWS!!!  You can now purchase SL DigiSlate through PayPal!  If you live in a part of the world where the Android Market isn’t available, you now have a new way to get this app.  Just send your payment of $9.99 to srlebed@gmail.com at Paypal, and I’ll email the app directly.  I hope this will make it easier for all the people who have been asking to buy this app around the world.


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  1. don youngs says:


    Do you know if anyone is using SL DigiSlate on the Archos 7 tablet.
    I would like to try it but can not figure out how to purchase and download the app from the androidapps.com website. I can try using paypal to send you payment for the app but thought first that i would inquire if you think it would work on the android based Archos 7 home tablet.

    I presently have a couple of digital slate apps on my iPhone and use them frequently to sync video for two camera shoots but would like to try a larger display such as the 7 inch Archos tablet.


    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Don,

      I’m wouldn’t recommend using my slate app on a tablet unless that tablet has a dedicated MENU button. It seems to me that the current set of android tablets on the market are not following Google’s design guidelines which require a menu button. The ones on the market that I know about have a software menu button that is parts of the notification bar on screen. Since my app run full screen, access to the button isn’t possible. I’m looking at ways to remedy the situation, without negatively affecting the people who use my app on official Android devices. In the future, I’m only going to sell my app to people who have devices with a physical menu button in order to avoid this issue in the future. If the Archos has a menu button, then by all means check it out.


      1. don youngs says:


        Thanks for the quick response. The Archos has a menu button that is on the top of the screen. In all apps I have including video that runs full screen, the menu button is always accessible. I am willing to risk 9.99. Best case I get a good digislate for this unit, Worst case I blow 10 bucks.

        Thanks again for the quick response. I will do the paypal thing later today.


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