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I recently got asked a question from one of my customers about SL DigiSlate and why the timecode stop when the clapper is closed. My slate is designed to work like a traditional digital slate used on real film and television productions. That means that when the clapper is closed, the timecode stops at that moment.

I could add the option to have the timecode start when the clapper is closed. I have never heard of a digital slate ever being used that way, but I could add that. I’m looking for anyone to explain to me the benefit of a workflow like that.


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  1. Cwl says:

    I also have question about the time code !
    it is because we are used to take the slate at the begining of shooting to snyc all machine(both audio,video,multcam)in hong kong film and video industry.which mean the time code start running when it is close.
    sometime,we will add the slate at the end also but we only do this when shot is hard to take slate.(we will upside down the slate to take at end.I don’t know how ppl in other countries used to do it…)
    If you can add the function that can swich between two method it will give a great help to us!

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      I will definitely add that feature in the next update. Thanks for explaining how you work there, it really helped me understand where your coming from.

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