SL Director’s Viewfinder

I proud to announce the release of my new film production tool for Android, SL Director’s Viewfinder.  Its taken over eight months of work to finally get this version to the market.  This is the first and only app of its kind for Android, and I wrote it with independent filmmakers in mind.  Now a director or cinematographer can carry their viewfinder with them all the time.
Like a traditional viewfinder, this app simulates various cameras, formats and lenses.  In order to support lenses wider than your device can display, the preview is shrunk in relation to the size of the actual lens. You can use this to gauge the extents of the frame.

Currently this app supports lens sizes from 6mm to 200mm, most aspect ratio formats, and the following cameras:

35mm Film
35mm Still
Super 35
Super 16
Red One
Canon 5D
Canon 7D
Sony 2/3″ chip cameras
Standard DV 1/3″ chip cameras

I can add support for any camera, formats, or lenses. Just send me an email with your request.


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  1. Theodor Nikoles says:

    Are you thinking to add Sony Ex3 with standard lens ?

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Theodor,

      Yes! I’ll keeping adding lenses and formats as anyone requests. I’ve just added 2perf Techniscope that was requested by a cinematographer. Any and every format that I can get the specs for I’ll add. Just ask!

  2. luc says:

    The field of view for 5D and 7d it doesn’t seem to be correct. It’s the field for the still camera. When you shoot videos the top an the bottom are cropped. Can you correct it please?

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      I will have a 16×9 option added in the next update, thanks!

  3. werner says:

    an option for the Panasonic AF101 would be useful (micro four thrids imager).

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