SL Director’s Viewfinder 1.5 released

Hello Fellow Android Filmmakers!

I’ve just released the newest version of SL Director’s Viewfinder.  I’ve optimized some of the code to run faster, and increased the resolution of the preview.  This should help when viewing long lenses that tend to get very pixelated.  The view will still be pixely (?), but hopefully a wee bit more identifiable.

Another new feature by request is a toggle to switch viewing modes.  The normal operation is “Zoomed In” mode.  This tries to emulate a given lens by zooming in on the camera preview.  The new “Inset” mode keeps the preview at full size and displays a rectangle showing the lenses coverage.

Last but not least I’ve added support for Four Thirds format as requested from another user.  I hope this will be helpful.

Thanks for everyone who has purchased this app.  Its done better than I ever expected.  I’m still working on adding the ability to take pictures using the selected lens and format, so keep an eye out for that.


Stephen Lebed


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  1. dario StClair says:

    hello, and nice app! Would be nice if you could add some extra lenses such as 55mm, 135mm. And would be great if the user had the possibilty to make -in ‘parameters’-his own selection of lenses, so only his actual lenses would appear in the application.

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Thanks, I’ll add those lens sizes. I’ll also see about adding a custom lens group.

      1. darioStClair says:

        Many thanks for the updates!

  2. nick says:

    I am wondering, if I buy the app now, will I be able to update for free when you release the update that is capable of taking photographs? Do you have an estimated release date for this update? thanks.

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Nick,

      Yes, I’ll add the ability to take photos, and it will be a free update. As to when that feature will be ready, I can’t give you a answer. I’ve got it working to a certain extent, but it needs more testing before I can release it.

  3. André Ruiter says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ve waited for this app a long time. You did a great job! I agree with Dario: a 135mm should be nice. I also want to add a 85mm to the wish list.

    Kind regards,

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Thanks and I’m glad you found my app. Expect an update tonight with the new lenses.

      1. André Ruiter says:

        Thank you for adding a 85mm and 135mm. I’ve tested the new version this morning and I’m very happy with the results. I’ve got some new suggestions:

        Like Dario, I think it’s a good idea to switch only between lenses you use. Besides that: I’m a landscape photographer. This morning it was a bit cold. The button are a bit to small when your hands are cold. They could be a bit bigger.

        Again.Thank’s for this app. I like it!

        1. Stephen Lebed says:

          I’m going to add the ability to create your own ‘lens package’ to replace the built in set of lenses. I’ve starting writing the code this weekend and should have it done by this coming weekend.

  4. Mike Shetter says:

    We use the Panasonic HPX 370 P2 camera. It is 16:9. The closest I can get is setting the director’s finder at DV 1/3 at that setting the 40mm setting the lens is similar to the 50mm setting on the app, but the DV 1/3 is only available in 4:3 and we shoot everything 16:9. Any chance of getting this camera included? Here’s the info on the camera

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Mike,
      How soon do you need this added? Could you wait till this weekend, or do you need it sooner than that? I’d like to wait till this weekend, where I can add more features if that works for you.

      1. Mike Shetter says:

        The weekend is fine. I don’t have a shoot until March 14. thanks

        1. Mike Shetter says:

          Any idea on when the update will be posted?

          1. Stephen Lebed says:

            Hi Mike,

            I’ll have a version up this weekend. I already added the HPX370 format.

          2. Mike Shetter says:

            Used the HPX370 version this week. Worked great. Saved a bunch of time.

  5. Jiri Kacirek says:

    Hi Stephen, I would like to buy your app but it´s not possible to buy it for my HTC wildfire on androidmarket.

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Jiri,

      The reason you’re not seeing the app in the market is because my app requires Android 2.2 and doesn’t run on smaller screens. I’m sorry, but there isn’t anything I can do about the Android 2.2 issue.

  6. Moritz Lüdtke says:

    Cool app. Could I buy it directly from you like the Slate app? Because I would like to have both and I don’t have a creditcard for the android market.
    Thank you

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Moritz,

      I just need to know the device and Android Os its running on. You’ll need Android 2.2 or higher to run the viewfinder app.

      1. Moritz Lüdtke says:

        i’ve got a HTC Desire. It has Android 2.2. Could I buy both apps (the Slate and the Viewfinder) together from you?

        1. Moritz Lüdtke says:

          But my dad would send you the money beacause I’m a student and I don’t have PayPal.

  7. Moritz Lüdtke says:

    The new update that allows you to take pictures is very cool! Works great on the HTC Desire. But the sound when you hit the photo button is very loud. Could you make an option to disable the sound? That would be great!
    Thank you
    Moritz Lüdtke

  8. Stephen Lebed says:

    I’ll add that option in the next update. In the meantime, the sound is controls by the media volume in your devices settings.

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