SL DigiSlate 2.8 update

Hi All,

I’ve released an update to my SL DigiSlate app.  This is a small update but a big one for me.  I’ve added support for Android Honeycomb, so now the app works on the Motorola Xoom!  I also fixed a crash that happens when you enter notes into the shot list.  I’ve redone some of the graphics so they will look better on larger tablet screens, and found a few things i could optimize in my code to make it a bit more efficient.


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  1. Alexander Cronström says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Great app you have done!

    Just downloaded ver. 3.0 from Android Market. Only, on my Samsung Tab the TC is displayed a bit to “low” in other words lowest segment in the 7-segment digits is barely seen from camera.

    Is this something you are aware of and/or will fix?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Alexander,

      Yes I was told of the problem and I’m investigating a fix for it for the next update along with a couple of user requested options.

      Thank you so much!

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