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Hello everyone out there that takes the time to read my blog.  Its been a while since I posted here.  Thankfully its because I’ve been getitng busier with my day job as a Visual Effects Supervisor.  I’m noticing an uptick in people having issues with some of my apps because they are running on newer hardware.  My goal is to have  the best apps of their kind on Android, so I’m in the process of doing a major rewrite of all my production apps to hopefully make them as future-proof as possible.

I will begin this process after I release my next app, SL SunTracker.  This app is intended for anyone intersted in knowing the position of the sun at any time, on any day.  The app reports back sun rise and setset times, solar noon, shadow ratio.  If there is anything else that you feel you’ll need let me know so I can try to include it in the next release.

A LOT of people have been asking for the ability to use timecode on their devices.  I’ve been loaned the equipment to test our tc code and its been a slow process but we are making headway.  I can’t give you any timeline yet, and we’ll be needed volunteers to help make sure it works.  I will be posting our progress as we get further along.

Thanks again to everyone that has purchased my apps.  The film industry has been very slow for me lately and the sales of my apps has been the only thing to put food on my table.  Your words of encourage and good will have made these last few months have helped in so many ways.


Stephen Lebed


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  1. Derick Joe says:


    Thanks so much for developing these filmmaker apps for the Android platform. I know that the iOS has had these for awhile and several different companies are making them. It’s nice to see someone in the film industry taking the time to develop these tools for us Android users as well. Keep up the good work!


  2. Moritz Lüdtke says:

    Thank you very much for making these apps for android. They are extremly helpful!!
    I have two wuestions about your new app:
    1. Will the sun tracker app worrk in germany as well?
    2. Does it need an internet connection?
    I’m looking forward to it.


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