A little about myself.  I’m a father, married to a very beautiful wife and equally beautiful daughter.  My interests include movies, programming, and art.  Lately I’ve been writing apps for the Android operating system in my spare time.  I started programming on a TRS-80 computer that was being demoed at the local Radio Shack in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  Later my parents surprised me with my own computer, an Atari 800.  I’ve written many programs for myself and my friends, mostly graphical applications like paint programs, a simple 3d modeling tools, and even a fractal generator.  These were pushing the limits of the 32k, 1.8 mhz system I was using back in 1981.

Since then my life has gone in strange and wonderful directions.  I’ve moved from New Jersey to California and pursued my love of visual effects.   In time I worked my way up the ladder to my dream job as a Visual Effects Supervisor.  I’ve had the pleasure of working on plenty of films and television shows.  If anyone is interested in the projects I’ve worked on, feel free to look me up in IMDB.com

Six years ago, Chip Potter and myself formed a visual effects company in Burbank called MECHnology.  Feel free to check out our site and the work we’ve done.  If you are an independent filmmaker and are looking for help and advice on how to incorporate visual effects into your film project, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lately my desire to program again grew when Google and T-mobile released the G1 phone.  I’ve downloaded plenty of apps for my phone and soon got bitten by the programming bug.  It took a little while to learn how to write an Android app, and I’m still learning.  I hope that everyone who chooses to use my software will find them as fun to use as they’ve been to program.


Stephen Lebed


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  1. Erik Isackson says:

    I had a quick question about the sl digislate app. Is there a way for it to output timecode, possibly through the headphone jack? I know several of the iphone versions have that option. Also would it be possible to jam it with an external generator?

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      The Slate app in its current form doesn’t input or output timecode. This is something I’m looking into. Several customers have supplied me with samples of timecode to test with, but so far I haven’t got it working just yet. As I do make progress I’ll either post it here or on Twitter.

  2. Jiri Kacirek jr. says:

    Hello Stephen!
    My name is Jiri Kacirek and I work as 1st assistant director in Czech Republic. I am interested in your application SL Viewfinder, and I have few questions. Is there a possibility to make a photo with selected lens, and is there in a photo frame a title with a number of lens. I am asking because in my job I would like to use it but I need to check a different lenses and I need a possibility to print them. Thank you very much for your answer.
    Jiri Kacirek jr.

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