SL Director’s Viewfinder 2.0 released!

Its been a while since I’ve had a chance to update my apps.  Thankfully I’ve been working, so much so, that I had to stop developing my apps.  Now that I’ve finished my current projects I’m back to updating all my apps and hopefully finish some new ones.  One of the benefits of staying away … Continue reading »


SL DigiSlate 2.8 update

Hi All, I’ve released an update to my SL DigiSlate app.  This is a small update but a big one for me.  I’ve added support for Android Honeycomb, so now the app works on the Motorola Xoom!  I also fixed a crash that happens when you enter notes into the shot list.  I’ve redone some … Continue reading »


SL Director’s Viewfinder 1.5 released

Hello Fellow Android Filmmakers! I’ve just released the newest version of SL Director’s Viewfinder.  I’ve optimized some of the code to run faster, and increased the resolution of the preview.  This should help when viewing long lenses that tend to get very pixelated.  The view will still be pixely (?), but hopefully a wee bit … Continue reading »


SL Director’s Viewfinder v1.4

Hi All, The newest version of my viewfinder app has just been released.  This latest edition will hopefully fix issues some people were having with the Samsung Tab.  I’ve added support for Techniscope and the Red Epic.  I’ve also tried to address the issue of slow frame rates on older devices.  If this release continues … Continue reading »


SL Director’s Viewfinder 1.2 update

I’ve updated the viewfinder app to version 1.2 In this version I’ve hopefully addressed some issues tablet users were facing.  I’m not sure if it solves an issue with the HTC Desire.  I don’t have access to one to check.  If you own the Desire and are willing to test this for me, please let … Continue reading »


SL Director’s Viewfinder

I proud to announce the release of my new film production tool for Android, SL Director’s Viewfinder.  Its taken over eight months of work to finally get this version to the market.  This is the first and only app of its kind for Android, and I wrote it with independent filmmakers in mind.  Now a … Continue reading »


THAAD – A Missile Command-inspired Android Game

I just finished my first publicly release game.  It called THAAD which stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense.  Its named after an actual missile defense system currently in use.  My game is inspired by the arcade classic Missile Command.  You can find it in the android market.  I hope you’ll give it a shot. … Continue reading »


Sl DigiSlate on a tablet!

I’ve been hoping that the people who have been using my apps would send me pictures and Don Youngs has come through for me.  He has sent me a few pictures of SL DigiSlate running on a Huawei S7 wifi tablet!  Click on the pictures to see them full size. And here is a picture … Continue reading »


On The Level

This application is a combination digital inclinometer and bubble level.  I wanted to make this app as simple and straightforward to use as their real life counterparts. I also tried to make this as precise as the hardware will allow.  The measurements are calibrated to a hundredths of a degree accuracy.  Because of the fine … Continue reading »


SL Digislate

I wrote this app at the request of someone using my other app, “On the Level 3″. I know that there are several film slate applications available on the Apple App Store, but it looked like no one has written one for the Android Market. I looked at what the app store versions had to … Continue reading »