SL Director’s Viewfinder

This app is designed for directors and DP’s to block out and stage shots.
A director’s viewfinder is a viewer used by film directors and cinematographers to frame a shot as seen through the camera lens. Like a traditional viewfinder, this app simulates various cameras, formats and lenses.
In order to support lenses wider than your device can display, the preview is shrunk in relation to the size of the actual lens.  You can use this to gauge the extents of the frame.
Currently this app supports lens sizes from 6mm to 200mm, most aspect ratio formats, and the following cameras:
35mm Film
35mm Still
Super 35
Super 16
Red One
Red Epic
Canon 5D mkII
Canon 7D
Sony 2/3″ chip cameras
Standard DV 1/3″ chip cameras
Four Thirds format
Panasonic AG-HPX370 series
I can add support for any camera, formats, or lenses.  Just send me an email with your request.  If it isn’t supported by the current set of options, then I’ll add it to the next release.
Never be without your viewfinder again.


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  1. Matti Nissinen says:

    Didn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I am cameraman in Finland’s Broadcast company and it would be nice if I would get this working.

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Matti,

      I’m planning on releasing an update this weekend. That should hopefully fix your issue.


  2. ip camera says:

    Maintain up the great work mate. This website article shows how well you comprehend and know this subject.

  3. Bill Hamell says:


    Great app! Is it possible to get focus distance added?


  4. Joe Allen says:

    How about support for micro four thirds format?

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      I’ll add it in the next release!

  5. Manfred says:


    how can I use this app for previewing scenes using a Canon 5D, not for taking movies but for plain old photography.

    I have chosen 35mm Still, but I can only select 4×3.

    Is it possible to choose 3×2 as format?


    Regards, Manfred

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      I’ll add that format to the list in the next update.

  6. Jip de Beer says:

    And what about support for the all so popular Canon 550D? :)
    If I understand correctly, this saves me the money I would have to spend on buying an external monitor!
    Would be great.

    1. Stephen Lebed says:

      Hi Jip,

      The Canon 550D’s sensor is the same as the Canon 7D so you can use the 7D setting to frame your shots. As for this replacing a dedicated external monitor, I’m not so sure. If you do and it works for you, please send me a picture of the setup!

  7. MzaverdJ.louis says:

    I cant find this app in the market… could you give me the link plz?

    1. Stephen Lebed says:


      If you can’t find the app in the Android Market, its most likely due to the fact that it won’t run on your device. The viewfinder app requires Android 2.2, a camera, and a medium to high resolution display. The reason it only works on 2.2 and higher devices is because of new functions that Google added in the release that made writing the viewfinder app possible. Prior to 2.2, there was not a way to get lens information from the devices camera. I may try to address this in the future, but it may not be possible.

  8. William Kissam says:

    love it… just used it to block out a wedding location.

    Would you be able to add the GoPro HD Hero video / timelapse camera?


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