THAAD stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense.   This is a real missile defense system built by the military.  This seemed like the perfect name for my first publicly released Android game.

This is my version of the classic arcade game Missile Command.  The game is simple.  Waves of missiles will drop from the top of the screen.   Your based is at the bottom of the screen.   Tap the screen to launch one of your missiles to that spot.  Your missiles will detonate when it reaches the spot you tapped.  An expanding explosion will take out any enemy missiles that fly into it.  Their explosions will cause a chain reaction, hopefully taking out more missiles.  You must stop the missiles from hitting your base.  The closer the missiles hit to your launcher, the more damage you’ll take.  When your damage reaches 100%, the game is over.

There are two modes of play, Arcade and Survival.

Arcade Mode is like the original arcade game where you must stop a wave of missiles, using as few of your own limited supply as possible.  You’ll get replenished with more missiles at the start of each new level.  The number of missiles you’ll get depends on the skill level.

In Survival mode there is only one level.  The missiles start off slow, but get faster with each passing wave.  Luckily, you have an unlimited supply of missiles.  The challenge is to find out how long you can survive.  The clock starts when you begin the game.

Depending on how well the game does, I’ve got plans for a Campaign mode with 50 levels to try and clear.

I hope you’ll enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoyed writing it.  You can find it in the Android Market.

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